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Mendocino County District Attorney Meredith Lintott endorses Measure B April 30, 2008

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District Attorney Meredith Lintott endorses Measure B

Meredith Lintott issued the following statement April 30:

Today I am announcing my endorsement for Measure B. I do so because Measure B is consistent with the protection of the rights of legitimate medical marijuana patients and will provide consistency in the law which will greatly assist in the successful prosecution of commercial growers.

As a candidate for District Attorney I pledged to protect the rights of medical marijuana patients and caregivers. I also said I would prosecute those who abuse the protections given to medical marijuana as a cover for commercial growing.

As District Attorney, it is obvious to me that Measure G has become a barrier that greatly complicates the prosecution of solid cases, even where there is overwhelming evidence of commercial cultivation, possession, transportation and sales. The defense attorneys never fail to cite Measure G as a defense for those charged with violating the laws against commercial marijuana. This is true even for the largest growing operations.

Measure G was widely considered to be an advisory measure when it passed, but was later codified as part of the Mendocino County Code. More recently the Board adopted the 25 plant limit from Measure G as the standard for the County, although there is some question whether or not the action of the Board adequately covered all the legal bases.

Measure G, if it is law at all, is bad law because it is internally inconsistent and its major provisions are of dubious legality. Most significantly, it is in direct conflict with state law and defense attorneys are skillful at emphasizing conflicts in the law in order to create doubt on the part of jurors.

As a prosecutor, Measure B will make my job easier by providing consistency in the law. I also believe the state limits protect the rights of medical patients and therefore no legitimate medical patient will suffer if Measure B passes. Otherwise, I would not support Measure B. The current situation threatens to create a backlash that would undermine support for legitimate medical marijuana.

I will accept the passage of Measure B as a mandate from the public to focus marijuana enforcement and prosecution activities on the large commercial growers and those that are endangering public safety and harming the environment. I will also challenge the public to support adequate funding for enforcement and prosecution so that Sheriff Allman and I can carry out the mandate of the public to go after the commercial growers that are harming our county and our environment.

Meredith J. Lintott
District Attorney


Yes On B Coalition challenges the opposition: “Tell the Truth about Sheriff Allman’s position” March 26, 2008

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“Tell the Truth about Sheriff Allman’s position”
Sheriff Tom Allman is neither for nor against Measure B and does not say it would be a burden on law enforcement, contrary to the false impression being spread by the opponents to the Mendocino County ballot measure.

In fact, Sheriff Allman has made a statement that affirms: “Investigating violent crime will remain our top priority.”

“The No On B Coalition took Sheriff Allman’s words out of context and misled the voters,” according to Yes On B Coalition spokesman Ross Liberty.

“We intend to wage a campaign based on the facts and we challenge the opposition to do the same,” said Liberty.

In an article published by the Press Democrat on March 11 [http://www1.pressdemocrat.com/article/20080311/NEWS/803110362], Allman stated that the remarks quoted by No On B were taken out of context and that he was not taking a position on Measure B. Nevertheless, the No On Measure B Coalition issued a press release March 12 that repeated the identical misleading characterization of Allman’s position. Sheriff Allman signed a statement [photocopy of signed original attached via fax] on March 11 that clarifies his position.

Full text of statement:

“As Sheriff, I have not and will not take a position on Measure B. It is my job to enforce the law, not make it. I support legitimate medical marijuana. I oppose commercial cultivation and sales of marijuana. Measure B will not change our focus. Investigating violent crime will remain our top priority. We do not, and will not, target small grows. We will continue to focus on large grows and complaints about growers who create a public nuisance, endanger public safety or trash the environment. Although I will not take a position on Measure B, I will say that Mendocino County will be a better spot when marijuana is not on the front page every day.”

The Yes On B Coalition has provided this statement to the No On Measure B Coalition and asked that they quit misleading the public into believing Sheriff Allman has taken a position against Measure B or that he believes it will “burden law enforcement.”

“All Measure B does is repeal Measure G which conflicts with state law, and adopts the state medical marijuana standards. Measure B will help law enforcement and patients by providing one standard so that everyone knows what to expect,” said Liberty.

Measure B has two provisions:

(1) that the limit for medical marijuana users and primary caregivers will be the same as that provided in state law–6 mature plants, 12 immature plants, and 8 ounces of dried marijuana or more if recommended by a physician, and

(2) that Measure G (November 2000) is repealed, thereby removing the direction to the sheriff and district attorney to make enforcement of all marijuana laws the lowest priority and to not take any action on cases of 25 plants or less.

“Measure B will help put a stop to the fraudulent use of medical marijuana caregiver cards as a cover for the massive production of commercial marijuana for profit,” said Liberty.

“There is a crisis throughout Mendocino County caused by a huge increase in commercial marijuana growing, much of it in residential neighborhoods, that has caused severe impacts on public safety, the environment, and our children,” said Liberty.

For more info:

Yes on B news blog

Quotes of interest March 15, 2008

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“…The problem in California is a lack of consistency in the law.”

— Tom Allman, Mendocino County Sheriff, when speaking on marijuana laws (Press Democrat 06/06/07)

“The citizens of Mendocino County deserve clarity with respect to marijuana cultivation limits and enforcement against abuses…”

— Laura Hamburg, No on Measure B, 3/12/08

On the question of marijuana & methamphetamine in Mendocino County:

DeVall, Host“…have you found an interconnectedness?”
Loren, panel member,

“The connections that I’ve seen with methamphetamine and marijuana is…I was doing runs down to the city with pounds of weed to trade straight across for methamphetamine that I was bringing back, so to say ‘yes’ it does fund some of the methamphetamines that are coming into this county, because to trade straight across I mean, we’re bringing huge amounts back for no cash. We are just growing weed and trading it…
— KZYX , The Access Program live interview, Ukiah CA, 03/07/08

Section 9:
School, district and community barriers to improvements in student achievement:

“The prevalent use and societal acceptance of marijuana is a unique challenge to this area.”

— Dennis Willeford, Principal of Ukiah High School, Single Plan for Student Achievement at Ukiah High School report as revised November 7th, 2007 to the Ukiah Unified School District Governing Board.

“Growers have come to Mendocino County from out of state because they erroneously believe it’s legal to grow marijuana there.”

— Susan Jordan, Attorney (Press Democrat 06/06/07)