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Fact & Fiction March 16, 2008

Posted by yesonb in mendocino-county-measure-b.
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The “no limits” marijuana lobby has vowed to fight Measure B. A lot of misinformation can be expected. We’ve heard some of it already:The claim:
“Repealing Measure G will mean that medical marijuana patients won’t be able to get their medicine.”Fact:
State law provides that medical marijuana patients may possess six mature plants or more if recommended by a physician. Local ordinances, like Measure B, cannot change state law.

The claim:
“It‘s the huge marijuana grows that are the problem. This measure won‘t do anything about them.”

Many smaller commercial marijuana operations between 25 and 400 plants have caused serious impacts either because they are so close to residential neighborhoods, or because they spill fuel or trash. It’s marijuana growers of this size that have tried to hide behind Measure G and Mendocino County’s extremely high medical marijuana number.

The claim:
“Repealing Measure G would be an attack on possession of marijuana for personal use.”

State law governs personal use and no local ordinance can change this. Many personal users get a “patient card” for this reason. The Sheriff and District Attorney do not have the resources to go after otherwise law-abiding people who have small amounts of marijuana. Measure B is aimed at stopping the widespread abuses caused by commercial growers.

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