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Argument in favor of Measure B March 16, 2008

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Marijuana cultivation in Mendocino County is clearly out of control. We have become a target for “no-limits” commercial marijuana growers who want quick profit and who care nothing about the impacts to our neighborhoods, our communities or the environment.

With the boom in commercial marijuana growing a crime wave has engulfed our communities. Home invasion robberies, trespassing, impacts to schools, and an influx of guns and attack dogs in residential neighborhoods are commonplace. Young people are increasingly turning to marijuana cultivation as a “career path.”

Environmental damage from marijuana cultivation includes spills of diesel fuel and waste oil, dumping of trash, misuse of pesticides and fertilizers, illegal water diversion that has completely dried up some streams, poisoning of wildlife, damage to rural roads and strong odors that have sickened nearby residents.

What has caused this crisis? Much of the blame lies with Measure G, approved in 2000, that told law enforcement that all marijuana laws were the “lowest priority” for law enforcement, even lower than jaywalking.

Measure G discourages law enforcement from protecting us against even the most flagrant abuses by the commercial growers and sends a message to the nation that “marijuana is legal” in Mendocino County.

This has made us a magnet for “get-rich-quick” growers who hide behind medical marijuana as a “cover” for commercial marijuana production.

A “Yes” vote on Measure B does two simple things: it protects the rights of medical marijuana patients by adopting the same limits as state law and it repeals Measure G.

“Yes” on B tells law enforcement that we want protection against the abuses of the “no-limits” commercial growers.

“Yes” on B tells out-of-control growers that they are no longer welcome in Mendocino County.

Help save Mendocino County. Vote “Yes” on Measure B.

Duane Wells , Co-chairman, Yes on B Coalition
D.J. Miller, Co-chairman, Yes on B Coalition
Mari Rodin
Dave Bengston
Ron Orenstein

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