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Quotes of interest March 15, 2008

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“…The problem in California is a lack of consistency in the law.”

— Tom Allman, Mendocino County Sheriff, when speaking on marijuana laws (Press Democrat 06/06/07)

“The citizens of Mendocino County deserve clarity with respect to marijuana cultivation limits and enforcement against abuses…”

— Laura Hamburg, No on Measure B, 3/12/08

On the question of marijuana & methamphetamine in Mendocino County:

DeVall, Host“…have you found an interconnectedness?”
Loren, panel member,

“The connections that I’ve seen with methamphetamine and marijuana is…I was doing runs down to the city with pounds of weed to trade straight across for methamphetamine that I was bringing back, so to say ‘yes’ it does fund some of the methamphetamines that are coming into this county, because to trade straight across I mean, we’re bringing huge amounts back for no cash. We are just growing weed and trading it…
— KZYX , The Access Program live interview, Ukiah CA, 03/07/08

Section 9:
School, district and community barriers to improvements in student achievement:

“The prevalent use and societal acceptance of marijuana is a unique challenge to this area.”

— Dennis Willeford, Principal of Ukiah High School, Single Plan for Student Achievement at Ukiah High School report as revised November 7th, 2007 to the Ukiah Unified School District Governing Board.

“Growers have come to Mendocino County from out of state because they erroneously believe it’s legal to grow marijuana there.”

— Susan Jordan, Attorney (Press Democrat 06/06/07)

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