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Measure B on the June ballot will provide: March 15, 2008

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-> That the amount of marijuana allowed for medical marijuana patients will be the same as the limit set by California State law.

The state limit, presently 6 mature plants and 8 ounces of processed marijuana per patient, will replace the higher 25-plant limit that has existed in Mendocino County since 2000. This will stop Mendocino County from being a “magnet” for marijuana growers who move here for quick profit.

-> That Measure G is repealed.

“Measure G ordered the sheriff to make enforcement of all marijuana laws his lowest priority, below even jaywalking. Prosecutions for less than 25 plants “per single case” was prohibited. Measure G discourages law enforcement and the Board of Supervisors from stopping abuses and threats to health and safety. Whenever the County tries to impose any limits on marijuana growing, the “no-limits” marijuana lobby threatens to sue for “violation of Measure G.”

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